Why Do Cats Love Catnip? A Tale of a Tail - Cat Crack Catnip

Why Do Cats Love Catnip? A Tale of a Tail

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Are you curious about — What is catnip? And how does catnip work? This story may give you some of the funny de-tails.

I am a tabby cat. My name is Roman. I have a long fluffy tail, striped bright yellow and orange. I am called “Roman” because I like roamin’ around, especially late at night. Besides my late-night romps, there are two other things in life that I enjoy, which are beautiful feminine felines and catnip.

Catnip Effects on Cats - What Does Catnip Do to Cats?

Every night after midnight, when the house is quiet, and my human is asleep, I go outside to prowl around. I take a pouch of catnip along to enjoy the high while I'm out on the town and to offer a free hit to my feline friends who haven't tried it before. The catnip makes me feel bold and act a bit crazy. Actually, bold, goofy, and really crazy.

Why Do Cats Love Catnip? – True Love in Whisker City

This story about my adventure in Whisker City can help explain why do cats love catnip, what cats may do when they are high on catnip, and why people call catnip “cat crack.” Once I get a taste of cat nip I want more. The smell is so delicious. It is not truly addictive, but I like it a lot.

I enjoy wandering the neighborhood in the early morning hours, high on catnip, and meeting up with other cats in the uptown area of Whisker City.

One night, with the sky filled with an especially big, summer-harvest moon, I came upon the most lovely feline creature I have ever seen. I puffed up my chest, put on my best airs, and strutted up to greet her, “Hellooo baby,” I purred, “What’s your name?”. Unfortunately, at that same moment, I stepped on a piece of broken glass, which made a small cut on my paw. “Meouch,” I cried out, dangling the injured paw in the air while spinning around on my three remaining good legs. I lost my balance and fell over in a heap.

The lovely catress tried to hide her laughter, yet she couldn’t. She giggled and yet it was also clear she was interested in my advances. She said, “My name is Queenie.” “Oh yes, Queenie.” I said in my most regal voice, trying not to think about the cut on my foot. Licking my injured paw, trying to ease the pain,  I said, “I am Roman, at your service." I took a deep bow, which I am sure looked especially awkward while being performed on only three legs.

“Got any catnip?” Queenie inquired. I looked into my catnip pouch and saw I had none left, “No, sorry. I’m out.” I said, a bit frustrated. "If I knew we would meet, I would have saved some," I explained, "But you know how catnip comes and goes so quickly, right?"

"You mean like boyfriends come and go?" she said. 

"Yes, I mean No." I changed my answer when I quickly realized my mistake, "I am the kind of guy that likes to stick around."

"That sounds interesting," she said, giving me a bit of encouragement.  I hoped she was impressed that I could think on my (three) feet.

“I know where we can get some catnip,” purred Queenie, “if you are up for it.”

“I could do anything for you,” I boasted.

I followed her to a building, almost forgetting to limp on my bad foot. The sign above the building said, "All Night Cafe." She pointed for me to look into a window.

The Catnip Caper

As I peered through the glass, I saw a chef in a big white hat preparing some kind of sauce. I knew that stuff from watching my human cook spaghetti. “That’s tomato sauce,” I said, “It tastes terrible.” “Keep watching,” she encouraged me.

The chef reached up to a shelf high above the stove and got a big spice can. He opened the can and spooned some green herbs from the can into the sauce.

“Do you think that’s catnip?”I asked Queenie, “If so, that could be a major score.” “Let’s find out,” said Queenie.

I moved in the direction of the door to the kitchen. “No, silly boy," said Queenie," We must wait until the man is out of the room.”

We waited for quite some time watching the big fat chef stirring the sauce and boiling the spaghetti noodles. While waiting, I was not able to keep my eyes off Queenie. She had such a Mona-Lisa-like smile. She knew I was looking and didn't seem to mind.

Finally, the man left the room. Now, it was our chance. We entered the kitchen, and we deftly climbed up to the shelf where the spices were kept.

With a bit of a struggle, I got the lid off the spice jar, and the metal lid fell to the floor making a crashing sound.  We both took a whiff of the herbal contents expecting a catnip rush, but it was not what we expected. On the side of the jar, it was labeled O-R-E-G-A-N-O!

Suddenly, the chef came back into the kitchen.

We jumped into a nearby cabinet and pulled the door closed behind us, to hide in the dark. I did not know if the chef had seen us, but we were trapped!

We waited a long time, and the silence was eerily scary, yet I was enjoying being close to her.

To see if it was safe, I slipped my tail under the door.

Outside the cabinet, the chef saw my fluffy yellow-orange striped tail come out under the cabinet door.

“I’ll get you cat,“ screamed the chef, as he brought down a wide butcher knife and cut off my tail. I let out a shrieking meow and pushed Queenie out the cabinet door to escape.

As we ran out of the kitchen, the chef slipped on the floor and ended up flat on his back letting out a big groan. This gave us enough time to exit the kitchen, scurry up the drainpipe, and get safely out of harm’s way up on the roof.

From where we sat on the roof, the view of the neighborhood, with the big harvest moon, and all of Whisker City was magnificent.

“What about your tail?” asked a shocked Queenie. “Does losing it hurt?”

I laughed and said, “I was born without a tail. That was just a piece of fake fur my human glued on to make me pretty.” I looked down at where my tail should have been. Queenie followed my gaze to see me wiggle my stump of a tail. She giggled and then, to my amazement, pulled out her secret stash of catnip, offering me a sniff. We both took in the lovely smell with a deep inhale and got a fantastic headrush that made us feel giddy.

As if on cue, the neighborhood cat quartet band called, “The Howlers” started singing, “That’s Amore.”

“When the moon hits your cat’s eye, like a big pizza pie, that’s amore!”...

“I think you look great with or without a tail,” Queenie said, leaning her head in to rest on my shoulder and purring softly. “Can I call you my little stumpy?” she laughed. “Yes,” I replied, “If I can call you, my little catnip.”

The moral to the story is: A cat may have nine lives, but only one tail unless re-tailed by its human.

Catnip Effects on Cats – How Long Does Catnip Last?

So I hope you understand that almost all cats go crazy in response to catnip, including rolling, rubbing, and meowing loudly. The effect can last for a few minutes to hours, depending on how long we can smell the catnip. This is caused by a reaction to nepetalactone, an aromatic chemical found in the plant, which binds to receptors in a cat's nasal tissue, triggering a neurological response. In other words, the smell gets stuck in a cat’s nose and makes a cat experience an incredible high.

The effects of catnip on me are hilarious. I roll on the floor, paw at the jar of catnip, and want more and more and more. If you try to take it away from me, I get cranky.

I hope you return for the next adventure in Whisker City and, in the meantime, I recommend a free hit.

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