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Mr. Beast reacts*

Don’t settle for
the weak stuff.

Beware of cheap catnip sourced overseas with questionable
quality control standards. The low Nepetalactone
content makes it cheap, but weak

Your cat deserves better!

Wanna try our catnip?

Upside down cartoon cat
Upside down cartoon cat
  • The Dodo

    “For the cat who
    *loves* catnip.”

  • “the most essential

    oil potency.”

  • Vox

    “Tiktok made me

    buy it.”

  • 1.

    Use just a pinch!

    Sprinkle it in a scratch pad, a cotton pouch, or just dust a pinch on the floor.

  • 2.

    Grab your phone.

    Press record to share your own “dope” videos on social #catcrack

  • 3.

    Enjoy the show!

    Watch the magic happen. You’ll have a ring-side seat to a feline acrobatic frenzy.

Cats Eating Catnip

Catch a buzz with us!

#catcrack on social

Cats Eating Cat Crack

Catch a buzz with us!

#catcrack on social

Cat Rolling In Catnip
Cat Sniffing Cat Crack
Cat Eating Cat Crack
Cat after catnip

Just a word of caution.

This isn’t intended to be addictive, but others have said otherwise…

My neighbor’s cat who “hates catnip” loves the little bag of ground Cat Crack. We call it kitty keef.
My dudes love to get baked. Great value for my guys. They love getting cat cracked.
Dr. Shauna Blump, PhD
My cats are addicted. They get wound up and crazy then pass out. Great stuff!

Only catnip we use! My cat is obsessed with this brand!
So much more potent than the catnip you buy in the stores this stuff is strong and my cats love it!!
Paul Hirt
If neighbors heard me they would laugh. I ask my cat if he wants some cat crack. Yep he is an addict. Lol
Donna Klammer

Notorious questions.

Catnip is a herb from the mint family. Its active ingredient is nepetalactone, a natural chemical found in catnip. The flower that cats smell and go CRAZY over.

In the words of Mr. Beast*, “When they smell it, it makes them like really happy and excited.” For most cats, it causes them to display overt signs of affection, relaxation, and happiness.

The single active ingredient in catnip is called Nepetalactone. It mimics feline sex hormones in their brain when they breathe in the aroma from the catnip. Meeeeoooowwwww.

Nepetalactone mimics feline sex hormones in their brain when they breathe in the aroma from the catnip. The stronger the potency, the more effective the response on cats. Cat Crack has 78+% making it the most potent, commercially available catnip.

If your cat is depressed and needs to be cheered up, bored and needs to be energized, give this catnip a try. 6 out of 10 cats that are over 4 months old report tight-rope walking after a hit.

Catnip is perfectly safe for your cat. There’s nothing in it that can harm your cat, or cause withdrawal (we wouldn’t sell it if it did.) FACT: This crack has always been legal. Your cat cannot actually get addicted to catnip.

Cats can have a "catnip hangover" from overindulgence, showing lethargy, excessive grooming, less interest in catnip, or mild digestive issues like vomiting. This is normal. Remove the catnip and let them rest, and they will bounce back in no time!

*Mr. Beast does not endorse this product.

The Ultimate Catnip.