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What is in Catnip? The Question Which Defined a Nation

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Whisker City, CAT – The results of a stunning new poll by Mews International were unveiled today at their Downtown Whisker City headquarters, revealing "What is in catnip?" to be Whiskerland's all-time favorite quote. Read on for the full top ten.

The poll – orchestrated by the Rupert Purr-doch owned headline-makers - was conducted to celebrate the 200th anniversary of Whiskerland's official independence from Great Kitten. This is how the process* worked:

  • The Steering Committee of Mews International's Senior Editorial Division called an Extraordinary Meeting, to propose a panel of well-known academics, hiss-storians, celebrities and public figures.
  • The selected panel (including Doris Kitten Good-fur, Bill Catflaps and Purina Williams) then assembled and drew up a long list of 100 much-quoted phrases from fiction and popular cat culture, as well as from well-known academics, hiss-storians, celebrities and public figures.
  • This list was then shared with the media – leading to numerous complaints from the well-known academics, hiss-storians, celebrities and public figures who weren't featured on the list or invited to compile it.
  • Mews International's Slightly Creepy Audience Data Division, then drew up a representative focus group of 10,000 cats from across Whisker Land – a list that drew much debate and controversy, attracting accusations of kitty-confirmation bias and foreign interference, especially from those well-known academics, hiss-storians, celebrities and public figures who - as mentioned already - neither featured on the list nor were invited to compile it.
  • The focus group of 10,000 were then invited to enjoy a free hit and paw over the 100-strong list of 'famous past words' before selecting their favorite three.
  • All these votes were added to create a final 10-1 countdown. 
  • Can you guess what they were?

(*Editor: If all that sounds unnecessarily complicated, that's because it is – it's what always happens when you get a load of smarty-cats together, and ask them to agree on something. Meow!). 

Cats and Catnip (Nepeta Cataria)

Stunningly – but perhaps not unexpectedly – half of the top ten quotes mention catnip. Of course, the hiss-story of our relationship with the wicked (in a good way) weed has been long and complicated. It's always been with us, it's always been good for us, but the love we feel for it has not always been appreciated by the pussycat powers that be.

The Great Purrrrge – the prohibition era, where puritan pussycats banned cat nip - led to the Great Depression – where 87% of all cats were depressed for three years solid, 12% were believed to have access to black market catnip, and 1% became obsessed with math. 

Since then, catnip has had to claw back its place in society, until in the 21st century - as research has proved its value beyond doubt – it's completed its transition from folk herb to miracle medicine.

Poll Results: The Top Ten Cat(nip) Quotes 

Here, then, are the top ten quotes in full. Which ones did you pick? Does your list change before and after you've sniffed, licked, or rolled in catnip? Can't remember? Then have a free hit, and see what you think of Whisker Land's top ten.

10. "To be, or not to be a cat, that is the question" - William Shakestail. Purr-haps the playwright's most remembered (and most existentially challenging) words?

9. "Be the cat that you wish to see" - Macatma Gandhi. The leader and pacifist shared this pearl of wisdom as a way of saying that all cats could lead change, for example, by eating more catnip.

8. "Here's looking at you, kitten" - Catablanca. The classic tail of love and friendship in wartime Morocco, boasts many memorable moments, but this one tops them all.

7. "I have a dream, that my four little fur babies will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the fluffiness of their fur, but by the quality of their catnip" - Martin Luther Kitten's clarion call for 'only the best catnip for all' is regarded as a critical moment in the launch of market leading catnip, Cat Crack.

6. "I'll have the catnip she's having" - When Harry Met Sally. This famous scene in the iconic Catz Deli proved catnip gets you going. Ain't that the truth!

5. "Float like a cat, bite like a dog" - Cattius Cat. Sport's coolest and most charismatic cat was a quote machine on four fine, furry legs, but this one's a doozy, summing up his ability to bewitch and captivate you with all the masterful, elegant sophistication of a cat, and then bite your head off, like a brainless, depraved, slobbering beast.

4. "May the fur be with you" - Star Wars. Obe Wan Big-Kitty's most famous line, repeated constantly by anyone who hadn't yet moved over to the Dog Side.

3. "Yes, yes we can (have more catnip)" - Catflap Obama. Back before pussycat politics became a soap opera surrounding a very orange cat and a very old cat, rabble-rousing game-changer Catflap Obama announced his arrival on the cat-world stage with these inspiring words.

2. "Life is like a pot of catnip. You never know what reaction you're gonna get" - Furrest Gump. These words strike straight to the heart of the matter, if the matter is catnip – you never know what delicious reaction you're going to get! Yum!

1. "What is in catnip?"-  Kit Columbus. When the great explorer first set paw in Whiskerland, he was offered a free hit of catnip. His full sentence, "Woah dude, what the hell is this shizzle - what the heck is in catnip?" reportedly came after a euphoric 20-minute zoomie session, which he described in his autobiography Look At Me, I've Got A Boat, "as the greatest twenty minutes of my life – until the next time I tried catnip."

What is Catnip Made of?

So there we have it. A life-affirming selection of bumper-sticker and fridge magnet-tastic wise words, half of which have something else in common – they celebrate our favourite herb, hobby and happiness-maker: catnip. Our favorite quotes are all about capturing, celebrating and enhancing the best of life – something catnip does too.

But what is our favorite anxiety-reducer, play-pal and minor scuffle alleviator made of? It's made of 100% natural extracts of catnip plant, catnip seeds, and catnip flowers, which contain the main active ingredient nepetalactone – which mimics the effects of feel-good pheromones - as well as all sorts of other naturally healthy goodies, including essential oils and antioxidants.

So settle down with a free hit and a book, screen, dust bunny or good friend, and tell us HERE how catnip makes you – or a cat near you - feel.

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