‘Is Catnip Good for Cats?’ - Take Our First ‘How Well do YOU Know Cats?’ Quiz - Cat Crack Catnip

‘Is Catnip Good for Cats?’ - Take Our First ‘How Well do YOU Know Cats?’ Quiz

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How much do you know about cats? Most humans think they know a lot – take a deep dive, though, and it’s a different story, where you’ll find all sorts of dangerously wrong opinions, such as:

  • all cats like having their tummies tickled
  • black cats are evil
  • dogs are a bit like cats

So answer these 15 quickfire questions, add up your score, and then at the bottom, we’ll tell you if you’re a cat champ or a cat chump.

Take Our Cat Quiz – Edition 1!

1. What is the anatomical term for a cat’s whiskers?

  • A) Pinnae
  • B) Vibrissae
  • C) Nepetalactone tendrils
  • D) Radar sticks

Correct Answer: B) Vibrissae

Our whiskers are like a super-sensitive GPS. Which is why we threw in ‘radar sticks,’ in case you’re a bit clever, but not that clever. Pinnae are the ears, nepetalactone is the active ingredient in catnip.

2. How many hours a day do we like to sleep?

  • A) 8-10
  • B) 12-14 
  • C) 16-20 
  • D) 25-30 

Correct Answer: C) 16-20 hours

OK, so this is a trick question. If we could sleep 25-30 hours we would, but that’s impossible – it’s just basic math. So we try to sleep for 16-20 hours a day. Don’t judge us – we have 3am zoomies while you’re being really boring.

3. Which of the following is a kitty myth?

  • A) We always land on our feet
  • B) We can see in the dark
  • C) We hate water
  • D) We don’t all have the catnip gene

Correct Answer: A) We always land on our feet

We don’t always land on our feet. Some of us do it in an idiomatic way – we get lucky – but we don’t always literally land on our feet; it’s not some kind of ‘cat guarantee’ that we offer. So, if you see us falling from a tree while stalking an annoying, chattering bird, don’t just stand there gawping, with your hands on your hips, thinking, ‘Oh, it will be fine, they always land on their feet’. It’s not true. We can see in the dark, we dislike water, and 1/3 of us don’t have the catnip gene. Give us a free hit and see if it works!

4. What’s the main reason we knead with our paws?

  • A) To sharpen them
  • B) Because it reminds us of when we were kittens
  • C) To prepare a cozy sleeping spot
  • D) Because we’re actually making tiny, invisible loaves of sourdough

Correct Answer: B) Because it reminds us of when we were kittens

It reminds us of our moms – we did it to help express her milk. It’s very comforting. Yes – we really are that cute. (Now reward us with a free hit please!)

5. Why do we purr?

  • A) Because we are happy
  • B) Because we want to communicate and self-heal
  • C) Both of the above
  • D) None of the above

Correct Answer: C) Both of the above

We don’t just purr because we’re happy. It’s like you don’t just smile because you’re happy. Sometimes you smile because you’re in a job interview, or you’ve just had your teeth whitened, or you secretly want to kill someone. Don’t flatter yourselves: we are just as complex as you.

6. What does catnip do to cats?

  • A) makes us feel groovy
  • B) makes us feel sad
  • C) makes us feel ill
  • D) makes us feel like a handful of jelly

Correct Answer: A) makes us feel groovy.

Catnip mimics feel-good pheromones. We love it! ‘How much catnip can I give my cat?’ I hear you ask. Start with a little – try a free hit – see what happens, and then if all is good, try a little more the next day.

7. What percentage of our bones are found in our tails?

  • A) 2%
  • B) 10%
  • C) 20%
  • D) 0%  - our tails are made of the same stuff as cheap hot dogs

Correct Answer: C) 20%

Think about it - they help us balance. Wouldn’t be much use if they were all flyaway, like balloons.

8. What was the name of the first ever cat to be cloned?

  • A) AA (short for And Again)
  • B) BB (short for Big Brother)
  • C) CC (short for Copy Cat)
  • D) TFECTBC (short for The First Ever Cat To Be Cloned)

Correct Answer: C) CC (Copy Cat)

OK, so humans are ridiculous, but scientists are less ridiculous, so no, they didn’t name the first ever cat to be cloned, The First Ever Cat To be Cloned. That would be way too post-modern. They named it CC (short for Copy Cat), which is just a bit lame. It happened in 2001. She was a genetic twin, but had her own unique personality. We all do, as your friends who don’t have cats are aware, because you constantly go on about it. NB: dogs don’t have personalities.

9. What’s our typical top speed?

  • A) 20 mph
  • B) 30 mph
  • C) 50 mph
  • D 100 mph

Correct Answer: B) 30 mph

We’re faster than you. Just try it – come at us with some flea spray and see what happens. Or give us some cat nip, and we may get really zoomy.

10. Which of these fun feline grooming facts is all killer, no filler?

  • A) Our tongues are covered in hooks 
  • B) Our saliva secretes a special enzyme for cleaning, which works the same way as vinegar
  • C) Our ears secrete a special enzyme for cleaning, which works the same way as vinegar
  • D) Our butts secrete a special enzyme for cleaning, which works the same way as vinegar, and, we like doing our hair in the mirror

Correct Answer: A) Our tongues are covered in hooks

Just forget the vinegar business – we know you’re obsessed with its cleaning capabilities. No, instead, our tongues are covered in tiny hooks called papillae. It’s like a built-in hairbrush for keeping our fur absolutely fabulous.

11. Which of the following is a cat breed known for having no tail?

  • A) Sphynx
  • B) Manx
  • C) Siamese
  • D) Stumpy

Correct Answer: B) Manx

The Manx cat, hailing from the Isle of Man in the United Kingdom, is famous for its lack of a tail. Sphynx and Siamese are also cat breeds. Stumpy is just rude.

12. Who had a cat named Mr. Grey?

  • A) Albert Einstein
  • B) Isaac Newton
  • C) Nikola Tesla
  • D) That handsome man in 50 Shades of Gray

Correct Answer: A) Albert Einstein

Proving that geniuses appreciate other geniuses.

13. How many different sounds can a cat make?

  • A) Just 1
  • B) About 20
  • C) Over 100
  • D) One billion

Correct Answer: C) Over 100

We are, in fact, vocal virtuosos! We have a lot to say, if only you would listen.

14. What is the name of the fold of skin on a cat’s ear?

  • A) Henry’s pocket
  • B) Felix’s flap
  • C) Garfield’s nodule
  • D) Tom’s trumpet

Correct Answer: A) Henry’s pocket

Its purpose is a mystery, but it’s incredibly cute, right?

15. Is catnip good for cats?

  • A) Yes
  • B) No
  • C) Yes, but only if you’re a black cat
  • D) No, unless you’re a black cat

Answers C and D are basically the same – it was a trick. Answer B is wrong. Which leaves answer A, which was right – catnip is good for cats. Health benefits of catnip include encouraging exercise and reducing cat anxiety. Always buy 100% natural, high potency herb (78% nepetalactone) for the best experience.

What did you score, and what does that mean?

Give yourself a point for each right answer and then check yourself below:

  • If you scored 0… you definitely shouldn’t own a cat.
  • If you scored 1-5…you probably shouldn’t own a cat.
  • If you scored 6-10…it’s a good start, but you should learn more about cats.
  • If you scored 11-14…well done, have a treat.
  • And if you scored 15…purrfect! If you don’t have a cat, get one.

Phew! We’ll do more quizzes again in the future. But now, please give me a free hit!

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