Cats On Catnip - And Why These are the Top Ten Shows for Cats

Cats On Catnip - And Why These are the Top Ten Shows for Cats

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Everyone loves a list, right? Right!

Well, Whisker City is known as the 'home of great catnip.' Meanwhile, our friends over at the wonderful CBO - Cardboard Box Office - the most popular TV network amongst cats, year in and year out, rightly see themselves as the 'home of great entertainment.' And let's be straight, catnip and TV are Whiskerland's two greatest hobbies – but what happens when we enjoy them together? Let's start by asking…

What Does Catnip Do to Cats?

How does catnip work? The active ingredient in catnip has all sorts of wonderful, natural and completely safe benefits for cats – including the ability to enhance our leisure time. But what impact does it have, for example, on our enjoyment of TV? 

To find out, we've done some digging. It's not the kind of digging done by a dim, dirty dog looking for a bone. Disgusting! No, imagine instead a smart, sophisticated, and mighty fine feline – much like yourself - sniffing out a freshly-cooked sardine, or indeed, some catnip. Yes, that's it. That's what our search looked like. A worthy, epic, heroic quest to the end of the rainbow, in search of the truth – the truth about what cats on catnip, most like to watch on TV.

How to Use Catnip While Watching TV

There's no right or wrong! So, without furr-ther ado, grab yourself a free hit of highest-grade catnip, settle down, get ready to go wild, snuggle up, and eventually fall asleep, as here are the Top Ten Shows to watch on Catnip. Because why do cats love catnip? For any of those reasons and more! Miaow! (All of these shows are on CBO's on-demand service CAT-CHUP).

Why Do Cats Love Catnip? Shows Which Make You Relaxed…

One of the main benefits of catnip is its ability to relax cats – to de-stress, reduce anxiety, and work away your worries. So if you're in need of a bit of that, then sniff, eat, play with, fight or roll in some catnip, and tune in to one of these classics.

Caturday Night Live

This long-running scratch and variety show has launched the careers of many famous feline comedy and meow-sical legends, and remains a staple of Cat-urday night viewing, with its purr-fectly timed jokes and hiss-terical skits. Cats on catnip find this show particularly funny, as best quality cat nip amplifies their playful and relaxed states and makes them ROFL (roll on the floor, lots).

Keeping Up with the Kardashian Cats

Lick it or loathe it, this slice of pure pussycat escapism - chronicling the lives of glamorous sisters Kitteny and Klaw-E - is now a part of purry pop culture. Their lavish lifestyles and total dramas keep fans feeling fabulous. Cats on catnip enjoy feeling just as pampered as their favorite, foxy felines.

America's Furriest Home Videos

A beloved fur-mily favorite, America's Furriest Home Videos showcases funny and unexpected home videos submitted by cats. From cats knocking over lamps to epic yarn battles and laser pointer chases, it's the ideal watch for anyone feeling playful, creative and slightly buzzed on catnip.

Hamster Wheel of Fortune

This totally claw-some kitty game show invites contestants to pounce on the chance to win tasty treats, from free hits of catnip to the star prize, a fat, juicy, and genetically cloned (and therefore constantly replaceable) pet hamster called Derek. Ham-Wof (as it's affectionally known amongst fans) is particularly treasured by cats baked on catnip, with its spinning wheel and flashing lights making for a mesmerizing spectacle. Wow maaaaaaan…

Shows Which Make You Energized… 

Many cats find catnip great for going from 0 to 100 in seconds. If that's you, perhaps one of these is your favorite watch?

Game of Pussycats

This fantasy epic based on George R.R. Meow-tin's series of novels became a global sensation. From its complex characters - from Jon Snowpaws to Daenerys Whiskertargaryen – to its intricate plots, dramatic battles and must-see meowments, it's the ultimate cat-on-catnip companion, with many viewers choosing to 'play-fight along' with the action.

Meow Men

This sleek, stylish drama about the advertising industry in the 1960s is acclaimed for its writing, purr-formances, and historical authenticity. It stars Don Drapurr and Peggy Pawson, who navigate the whisker-twitching world of feline advertising. It's a big hit with cats in a contemplative, focused state, thanks to catnip.

Breaking Dog

This thrilling adventure follows a high school drama teacher/cat, Walter Whitepaws, who goes undercover as a dog. Viewers enjoy vicariously experiencing the thrill and danger of the canine world, and marvel at Whitepaws' transformation from sophisticated, respectable feline, into a horrible smelly dog with bad breath, poor personal hygiene, and a complete lack of self-respect. Plus, if you're up for a bit of cat-on-catnip action on this show, most cats are 'under the influence.'

Who Wants to Win a Mouse On Air?

With its dramatic format and high-stakes questions, this reinvention of the quiz show took what Hamster Wheel of Fortune did and turbo-charged it. Each episode has feline fans on the edge of their scratching post, as ordinary cats - who win their place on the show through a golden ticket enclosed in a free hit of catnip - chase extra-ordinary prizes, including the show's ultimate elusive jackpot, a lifetime supply of mice. The tension is heightened for cats on catnip, with every question feeling like a matter of kitty life and death.

Why Do Cats Love Catnip? Shows Which Help You Bond…

Catnip is also great for bonding – so if you're in the mood for 'getting closer,' tune your dial to one of these…

Furry Friends

Furry Friends remains incredibly popular, despite being on constantly 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The series follows a close-kit group of friends as they navigate their way through life, love and catnip, with hilarious misadventures and iconic haircuts. Cats on catnip find the show particularly endearing, as an enhanced sense of camaraderie brings them closer to their own 'friends'.

Sex and the Kitty

Four glamorous kitties – Cattie, Meow-randa, Saman-fur and the other one - navigate romance and friendship in the big city, redefining the meaning of cat-chic. Cats under the influence of catnip enjoy this show, as they dream of fancy cats and falling in love.

Disagree with our list? Got some different ideas? Want to tell us about your favorite shows? Then head HERE.


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