Can Cats Overdose on Catnip - And Can Anyone Overdose on Travel?

Can Cats Overdose on Catnip - And Can Anyone Overdose on Travel?

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Grab a free hit and read on to find out more…

Kitty in the City

In this regular series of travel features, we look beyond the walls of Whisker City and explore the world of travel and what happens when domesticated cats – those who are fortunate enough to have a roof over their heads, and endless (if somewhat underwhelming) supplies of food, yet unfortunate enough to have to look cute and sometimes, heaven forbid, share a space with children and dogs – are 'taken on holidays' by their owners. 

In the olden days, once a year, humans would just 'go away' for a couple of weeks. Fine. While they were gone, we'd get up to all sorts – depositing 'surprises' here and there for them to discover at a later date - and then, when they got back, we'd just ignore them. Simple. Nowadays, though - hard as it is for some to adjust and accept - we live in different times, and the Cat Lives Matter and #meowtoo movements mean many 'fortunate' felines are now being included in all sorts of things they never wanted to be included in. Like going on holiday.

(Editor: to be clear, we're talking about City Breaks here, not a week on the beach…cats and sand don't mix because while humans are allowed to do their toilet stuff wherever they want – usually in a painfully bright room, reeking of eye-watering chemicals – they of course don't think it's reasonable for us to do the same).

And how are these human + cat mini breaks possible? That's all thanks to an exciting – yet at the same time deeply humiliating – new range of cat papooses, cat backpacks, and windowed cat carry-cases. Yes, if you go to any Uptown cosmopolitan area today, you will see a cat being taken for a walk – in a sling, pod, or even on a leash – by its owner.' (Editor: yes, we know they don't own you - just humor them).

'Cats on holiday?' I hear you meow. I know, it sounds ridiculous. And if you prefer, you can simply grab a free hit and leave this lying around for that human you wish would disappear for a few days – it will be just as interesting for them as it will be for you. All the advice and recommendations contained are fully transferable between us, the master race, and those loud, cumbersome, deluded beasts who think they're in charge. Except for the stuff about catnip – but they do need to learn.

Because as a true legend of Whisker City once said – and if you know, you know… He's called Kingpin – catnip is the 'best of life.'

Why Does Catnip Affect Cats?

When cats smell catnip, its active ingredient - called nepetalactone – triggers the regions of the cat brain involved in emotional and behavioral responses in all sorts of healthy, positive ways.

Is Catnip Bad for Cats?

No, no, no! Catnip is 100% natural - think of it as an organic herbal remedy – and benefits cats in three main ways, giving them a burst of energy, enabling them to relax, and helping them bond.

OK, great. 

So, where are we heading this time? Well – to start answering our original question - we think you can never have too much of a good thing, like travel or top quality catnip, and that they can work in combination anywhere. This week, we're heading to the Big Apple. 

New York for Cats and Cat Lovers

Here are our recommendations for a cat or cat lover's weekend in NYC – please check the latest listings before you travel, and for a stress-free vacation for you and your human, don't forget your catnip (and their toothbrush).

Food and Drink: Do Cats Eat Catnip?

Cats can eat catnip, sniff it, and roll in it, enhancing their enjoyment of these a-meow-zing cat cafes:

Meow Parlour: Located on the Lower East Side, this cat café allows visitors to enjoy a cat-puccino while interacting with adoptable cats. They host purr-fect events like meow-ga (yoga with cats) and movie nights (with cats). Try not to get adopted, but if you do, who could blame them?

Koneko Cat Café: Also on the Lower East Side, Koneko offers a purr-fectly Japanese-inspired café experience, again with adoptable cats. They also have a Catio (cat patio) where cats can safely enjoy the meow-tdoors. Catronising – we do that all the time!

Shopping: How much catnip is too much?

Travel light, packing only the essentials – like catnip – because NYC has all you need. That said, there is no such thing as packing too much catnip – it's a 'sociable supplement' you can share with your new 'big-city' friends, so pack a few free hits. Don't overdo it in one session of course – a little is as good as a lot. Always enjoy catnip in moderation – like fiber for humans, you can overdo it and get an upset stomach. Boo-hoo mew!

Petco and PetSmart: These large pet store chains have locations throughout the city and offer a wide range of claw-some products, from food to toys and accessories. Make sure your human brings a credit card and a spare suitcase – you might just need it!

The Cat Connection: A boutique pet store specializing in high-quality cat products, located in the West Village. For posh cats who enjoy the finer things in life.

Cats and Culture

The American Museum of the Moving Image: This museum in Astoria, Queens, hosts The Internet Cat Video Festival, with events celebrating internet cat videos. It's a must-visit for fans of feline internet stars and meow-lebrities.

The CFA International Cat Show: Held annually, this prestigious cat show attracts cats and cat lovers from all over the world, to see and learn about various cat breeds. It's the cat's whiskers!

The Algonquin Hotel's Cat Fashion Show: This historic hotel in Midtown Manhattan hosts an annual charity event featuring a fur-bulous fashion show for cats. It's purr-suasive proof that cats can strut their stuff in style!

The Great Outdoors

Central Park: While not specifically for cats or cat lovers, Central Park offers a purr-ific outdoor experience for cats (and cat lovers) who wish to enjoy a walk in a beautiful setting, leashed or unleashed. Just remember, it's not a catwalk – you'll find that at the fashion show above - it's a cat stroll!

The High Line: An elevated linear park built on a former railway track, the High Line offers a unique and enriching environment for cats and their owners. The lush greenery and tranquil atmosphere provide a leisurely, scenic outdoor experience for leashed cats or those in secure carriers. Nice!

Philanthropy: Can Cats Overdose on Catnip?

We end this guide by answering our original question – can cats overdose on catnip? Catnip is 100% natural and non-toxic. The worst it can give a cat is a brief, mild 'morning after' feeling (aka a "catnip hangover") - like you'd feel after too much excitement! - and an upset tummy. But if you feel like you've been to NYC and had too much fun, here's how you can give a little back to the mew-niverse:

Animal Care Centers of NYC: With multiple locations in the city, ACC provides o-purr-tunities for adoption and volunteering, making it a great place for those looking to adopt a cat, or lend a paw with cat care.

KittyKind: Located in the Petco Union Square, KittyKind is a non-profit cat rescue and adoption group, offering a mix of fun, relaxation, and the chance to connect with fellow cat enthusiasts, making them the cat's pajamas for cat lovers visiting New York City.

Ever taken your human on holiday – or just for a walk? Or used catnip in a public place? Tell us where and what it was like, here! 

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