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Can a Cat Have Too Much Catnip? Can a Cat Have Too Much of The Kittles?!

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Asking, 'Can a cat have too much catnip?' is like asking, 'Can you have too much of a good thing?'. It depends on the thing. With catnip – a very good thing! - You can take more than a daily dose, and you might feel a bit sick or groggy. But it's not toxic, like alcohol is for humans, so it won't harm or poison you. If you always buy 100% natural cat nip, it's much like any other edible, medicinal, nutritional herb. But why are we asking this question now? Because of this extraordinary story from the world of kitty rock and pop.

The Kittles Take Over the Kit Parade - Are They More Popular Than Catnip?!

The Kittles. Remember them? The Fab Fur? The greatest band the cat world has ever seen? John, Pawl, Clawge and Purringo? Famous for their English humor, English teeth, and English' mog top' hair do's? Since the moment their distinctive sounds first hit the airwaves, they've broken every known chart record and kept Whiskerland purring. And now they've gone and done in it again.

Last week, it was announced that The Kittles would be re-releasing their 20 favorite singles. They did so, and now they've filled the whole Top 20 Kit Parade. Read on to see the countdown in full.

When they first came on the scene, we were warned that the 'Brit kits were coming': finally, a musical act from across the pond would 'break Whiskerland.' While fellow Brit kits have come and gone - The Kitty Kinks, The Rolling Furballs, Cream - and other hitmakers have had their moments in the sun (rolling in dust) –  from The Mewdy Blues to The Supurremes, Simon and Purrfunkel to Sky and the Family Catnip, Elvis Purresly to Furrank Sinatra, Purrtha Kit to Cat Stevens – The Kittles have always prevailed. 

Claims that they are "more popular than catnip" should perhaps be taken with a pinch of, well, catnip, but from big moment to big moment – their first appearance on the Cat-Bed Sullivan Show, to filling the Kitty O'Shea Stadium – they've always made history. But after a quiet few decades, we'd all started to wonder "what's next?". Well, now, that question's been answered – in style! 

So, has your favorite Kittles song been re-released? Can you guess what's in the Top 10? The Top 5? The Number 1? Read on to find out. 

This Week's Kit Parade: 20 - 1 Countdown - Why Cats Love Catnip

20. Meowsical Mystery Tour

This is a fitting way to begin our journey into the Kittles' back catalog. If you want to know when or how to use catnip, this is the moment.

19. I Want to Hold Your Paw

A heartfelt plea from Pawl to his favorite feline, expressing the simple joy of walking paw-in-paw – a pawsome reminder that love is just a whisker away.

18. Sgt. Pepurr's Lonely Catnip Band

How to use catnip, lesson one: grab a free hit and join the Kittles on a nip-adelic journey into your imagination. An ode to the Kittles' favorite pastime - catnip - led by the ever-so-charismatic Sgt. Pepurr.

17. With a Little Help from My Furrends

Whether climbing the highest fence or chasing the fastest laser, the Kittles know they can count on their furrends—a tribute to the furry pals who help us through the ups and downs of our nine lives.

16. Lucy in the Sky With Catnip

A whimsical journey through a kaleidoscope of catnip dreams, and a purrfectly psychedelic experience. But go steady! Can you have a catnip hangover? Yes – but just a small one.

15. Lady Meow-donna

A classic tale of a refined and mysterious feline who's everyone's secret crush.

14. Nepetalactone Pam

Meet Pam, the neighborhood catnip dealer, who has all the cats in town lining up for her special blend. 

13. Here Comes The Milk

This optimistic anthem heralds the arrival of that first bowl of milk of the day.

12. All You Need Is Catnip

Forget love; all you need is catnip! This anthem speaks to the heart of every feline, emphasizing the universal truth that a little bit of catnip makes everything better.

11. Strawberry Fields Fur-ever

An ode to those endless meadows where cats play in their dreams. 

Can you have a Kittles / Catnip Overdose? The Countdown Continues - 10 – 5…

Had enough of The Kittles yet? Of course not, because can you really have a Kittles overdose? No, just like you can't have a catnip overdose. 

We're halfway through, and it's time for the Top Ten. Is your favorite Fab Fur song yet to make an appearance? Perhaps it's at No.1? Stay tuned to find out.

10. Day Nipper

A much-loved tune about the irresistible urge to enjoy some midday catnip.

9. From Meow to You

A love letter to the special bond between a cat and their human, and a thanks for all those belly rubs, treats, and free hits of Cat Crack.

8. We Can Work it Meowt

A song of reconciliation and hope, reminding us that no matter how big the hissy fit, it can be resolved.

7. While My Kitty Gently Sleeps

Clawge's soulful ballad about watching over his most beloved kitty while it enjoys a cat nap. 

6. Purry Lane

A nostalgic look back at the places and faces that shaped one's kittenhood. 

The Final Countdown: What Does Catnip Do To Cats - 5 – 1…

And so for the Top 5. Can you remember any more Kittles hits? Still waiting for your favorite? Strap yourself in, take a free hit and let's do this!

5. Can't Buy Me Catnip

A groovy reminder that the best things in life aren't bought. Technically incorrect, as money can buy you catnip, but you get the idea.

4. I Am the Pawrus

Utter nonsense.

3. I'm In Love With Herb and I Feline Fine

A joyful declaration of love for everyone's favorite plant from the cat mint family: catnip.

2. The Long and Winding Tail

A poignant ballad about the journey every cat undertakes to where the heart truly belongs: catnip.

1. She Loves Mew

What does catnip do to cats? It makes them love life, and so, to the ultimate Kittles love song and top of the charts, as Pawl expresses his love to an unnamed female, or maybe just cat nip.

Well done to the Fab Fur. Have we missed out on your favorite song? Then tell us HERE.

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