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Why do cats roll in catnip

Ah, catnip. The mysterious green crack that turns your furry feline into a frenzied feline furball! What exactly about this cat crack makes cats lose their mind, and why do cats roll around in catnip like they’ve just discovered the secret to eternal youth?

As the kingpin, I know the secrets to all of these questions and will reveal them later in the article, so grab your cat companion, and let's dive into this bucket full of catnip.

Understanding the attraction to catnip

Catnip, Cat Crack, or Naperta Cataria, is a herb from the mint family that has mythical properties that almost possess our pussy cats.  An essential oil called nepetalactone is hidden in this herb. This active ingredient in catnip makes our cats go coo coo. It sends them into a state of euphoria or calm similar to that of Mary Jane you may have tried once in college. It's a wonder that the majority of cats love catnip!

While most cats (70-80%) love catnip, some aren't affected. We’ll cover that later. It isn't just domesticated cats that love catnip; you’ll also see our cousins in the wild, the big kitties, lions, and tigers obsessed with the crack, and for good reason!

Fresh vs. dried catnip

When it comes to catnip, there's a difference between the fresh and dried varieties of catnip.  Fresh catnip is more potent than its dried counterpart for the most part. Imagine getting an espresso directly from the source versus getting one from a Starbucks.

However, dried catnip still packs a punch. Our Cat Crack has 78% nepetalactone content, the highest on the market, rivaling fresh catnip.

Dried catnip, generally to maintain its potency, needs to be processed correctly and climate controlled. Which some of the competition doesn’t do, which can be seen from the drop in potency of the nepetalactone content. If it's not climate-controlled, the goodness from the essential oils can all drift away, never to be enjoyed by your pawsome friend.

Organic Catnip Benefits

Organic catnip offers some benefits for our feline friends; of course, we want the best for our fur babies, so organic is the way to go for most of us!

Organic catnip is grown without the use of harmful chemicals like pesticides, GMO,s, etc. It's the healthier option for our cats and those around the catnip, like you, human!

Why do cats roll in catnip?

So, here we are why do cats roll around in catnip anyway? Wouldn't it be best if they just ate it?

Not so much. The answer lies in how the catnip interacts with your cat and its brain chemistry. The plant's chemical contents are released when cats come into contact, creating friction when rolling around in the catnip. Don’t worry not the bad chemicals; these are natural chemicals, such as the essential oils we discussed earlier. As your cat rolls around, the release of nepetalactone content binds to your cat's opioid receptors and triggers their reward systems.

Your smart little kitty understands this and rolls to their heart (or their brain’s) content!

Rolling in Catnip vs Eating Catnip

Whether they roll in the catnip or eat it is up to your cat's preference.
When your cat rolls in the catnip, they’re engaging from the scent released for a more euphoric, playful, happy effect from rolling in the catnip.

Eating it seems to produce a similar effect to that of indica Marijuana, where your cat will get super happy and super chill, but how it's processed through the gut isn't really understood! Meowr cat scientists, please!

Don’t worry if your cat is doing either, and both are purrfectly normal! As long as your cat is having fun and engaging with the catnip, that's what we are here for!

Your cat has a favorite, similar to hoomans.

Why isn't my cat rolling in catnip?
Your cat may not be rolling in the catnip but rubbing its face in the pot. Similar to these cats here, don't worry. They are getting the same effect! As the catnip moves, the active ingredient that makes your cat have a fun time is released!

If your cat is not reacting to the catnip whatsoever, your cat may be in the minority that catnip does not affect. These are usually cats younger than 4 months old or mature as they lose sensitivity to the nip as they age. 

You can also try some alternatives to the catnip, such as Silvervine or Valerian root, if catnip does not work. Cat Crack Guarantee: If your cat doesn't like the catnip, email us at meow@catcrack.com, and we'll refund your pawchase.

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