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What is Cat Crack?

Hi! Kingpin here, leader of all things Cat Crack, and I'm here to school you on the ins and outs of catnip and how I lead the catnip game. 

Back in the days when I was a street cat, I was searching for something more than the average kitty. Searching for a way to stop pushing low-quality (so low that some say it should be illegal) catnip and transform my life into something greater. I knew I could provide something better for my cat comrades. It took a chance encounter with a cat named Bumpy, the OG catnip guru, to turn my life around forever.


The Birth of Cat Crack

That's when I got the idea for Cat Crack. I wanted my kitty friends to experience the best catnip possible. This isn't your average catnip you’d find in a bush on the side of the street. This stuff is legit and is a 100% natural, purr-plexing feline frenzy for your kitty.

So, What is Cat Crack?

Cat Crack is catnip but not your regular catnip. It is 100% organic, non-GMO, and made cleanly and reliably in North America with fair labor standards. A catnip that most cats like myself are not able to resist. Catnip itself is a herb from the mint family and contains a single active ingredient, Neptalacone.

Cats like us go into a feline frenzy around this active ingredient that's natural to the catnip plant.

With Cat Crack, our catnip contains only the most potent plants we can grow with 78%+ Nepetalactone content. It’s the highest quality and most potent kitty dope commercially available. Imagine the best chocolate you’ve ever tried; it gave you an intense rush!

Nepetalactone is an essential oil that mimics feline sex hormones and binds to opioid receptors in our brains, producing the effect you usually see with Cat Crack. Scroll down for some videos to see exactly how much Cats love our Cat Crack.


Cat Crack Frequently Asked Questions

Is Cat Crack addictive for my cat?

Don’t worry; I’m not here to create addicts; I’m on the straight and narrow. The ingredients inside Cat Crack are not addictive. Still, they do cause my furry feline friends to display signs of affection, relaxation, and kitty euphoria! Sounds great, right? I bet you humans are jealous.

Where does CatCrack come from?

With fair labor standards, we believe each kitty (and human) deserves to get paid their worth for our incredible quality catnip. Cat Crack is made cleanly and reliably in North America. We only want the best for our feline friends; our cat crack is even watered with Rocky Mountain Snow Melt, which has been filtered to near perfection.  The deliciously fresh water from the source makes a world of difference to the herb. 

What makes Cat Crack different?

Believe it or not, many other brands source their catnip from overseas and store it in non-climate-controlled storage, which can affect the quality and potency of the catnip. Their quality-controlled standards are not the best, and we say no to giving our feline friends anything less than they deserve.

Considering how we grow our catnip with highly fertile & mineral-rich soil, water it with Rocky Mountain snowmelt, and store it in climate-controlled environments - you can expect the highest quality every time you crack open a jar of Cat Crack.

What Does Cat Crack Offer?

We want to cater to everyone, from the newbies (cats over 4 months old)  to the OG wise old cats like my friend Bumpy. We offer Cat Crack in 2 different sizes that will suit everyone, whether you want a hit with our 1 cup Cat Crack or to be hooked up with 4 cups of the feline frenzy-inducing crack!

We have two variations of Cat Crack: Original for my homies and Organic for my conscious kitties.

Is Cat Crack Safe?

Yes, Cat Crack is safe for cats. It is a natural catnip from the mint family. As with all things in life, moderation is key! We recommend giving catnip a few times daily; cats usually have their buzz for 15-20 minutes, then will feel the effect again after an hour or two. 

Cat Crack Ingredients

The only ingredient in Cat Crack is dried catnip! - It's 100% natural, non-GMO, and North American grown.

We only want the best for your kitties, so we have invested in working with some of the best minds in the catnip industry to develop the best conditions for growing our catnip! 

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