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Using Catnip To Train Your Cat

Can catnip really help in training your cat? Absolutely. Our catnip training guide dives straight into practical tips on using your favorite Cat Crack Catnip to train your cat. By using catnip to train your cat, you can strike the perfect balance between fun and discipline.

Learn how to maximize catnip’s effects for positive behavior while keeping each session upbeat and stress-free for your kitty.

What you should know about using Catnip To Train Your Cat

  • Catnip: It’s like a kitty happy hour, where the special drink is nepetalactone from the mint family, but don’t overdo it unless you want a cat with a tummy ache.
  • Training with treats is old school—use catnip to get Fluffy using that scratching post like it’s her job, just remember the golden rule: too much of a good thing is… well, not so good.
  • Picking the right catnip product is like choosing wine—some go for organic, others for the classic, just make sure it’s stored like a vampire avoiding the sun to keep it fresh and zesty.

How to use Catnip for Training Purposes

Far from just inducing kitty euphoria, catnip can also serve as an effective training aid, transforming routine activities into fun, rewarding experiences for your pet. Yet, like all beneficial things, moderation is key in using catnip to preserve its effectiveness.

Encouraging Positive Behavior

Catnip can be a powerful ally in promoting positive behaviours. When your cat does something good, like using the scratching post instead of your favorite armchair, reward them with a catnip treat within 3 seconds. This will create a strong association between the positive action and the reward.

You can also use catnip to make playtime more engaging. Try incorporating catnip into toys or sprinkle it on their play area. This will not only make playtime more enjoyable, but it will also increase your cat’s level of exercise

Discouraging Bad Behavior

Catnip spray isn’t just about encouraging good habits; it can also be used to stop them from doing some of these bad actions. If your feline friend has developed a liking for scratching your furniture, applying catnip spray onto a scratching post can divert their attention.

For those feline furniture scratchers who just wont stop, combining catnip with repellant sprays on furniture can further enhance behavior modification efforts. Similarly, if your kitty is avoiding the litter box, catnip can be used to attract them to the litter box.

When Can I use Catnip For Training Purposes?

For kittens, you should wait until they reach 3-6 months of age before introducing them to catnip. Catnip sensitivity typically emerges between three and six months old, and kittens under 8 weeks may show avoidance and no response to catnip.

So, take your time and remember that not all cats will react to catnip at a young age; let your little furball mature before introducing them to the wonders of catnip.

Choosing the Right Catnip For Training Purposes

With a ton of products on the market that are tailored for your felines preference, the catnip market is indeed diverse and expansive. But how do you choose the right one? When shopping for catnip, consider factors like organic vs. non-organic. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use catnip to train a cat?

Yes, if your cat responds well to catnip, you can definitely use it to train them or as a special treat. Give it a try and see if they become more cooperative – or just more blissed out!

Will catnip calm a stressed cat?

Yes, catnip can have a calming effect on stressed cats, so it's definitely worth trying next time you need to relax your feline friend. No more frazzled kitties at the vet!

Can you give cats catnip straight up?

Absolutely! Cats go crazy for catnip! It's totally safe and won't harm them at all. So go ahead and let your feline friend enjoy the good stuff. No need to worry about any wild catnip parties getting out of hand!


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