How Long Does Catnip Last?

Wondering ‘how long does catnip last?' after finding it in the back of your pet drawer or if you're cat has a bit too much of the nip! You’ll find that your cat’s reaction to catnip peaks at about 10 minutes, with a lesser response afterwards.

For dried catnip storage, expect a potency lifespan of several months to two years; For our Cat Crack, always check the expiry date on the label! Fresh catnip typically lasts a few weeks in the fridge.

In this article we will dive into maximizing the effect on your cat and extending your Cat Cracks shelf life.

What you should know about catnip

  • Not all cats get euphoric from a hit of cat crack — only about 50-70% of cats actually respond to catnip, and for them, it’s like feline Las Vegas in a leaf.
  • Fresh catnip is like the VIP club of catnip varieties — stronger but lasts as long as a Snapchat message, while dried is the fun local bar—  sticks around the longest time and a trusty reliable.
  • If you want to hold on to the catnip’s party-starting skills aka its potency,  think airtight containers and cool, dark locations like a vampire’s pantry.  And when the catnip smells more ‘meh’ than ‘meooowww’, that’s your cue to refresh the stash!

How Long Does Catnip's Effect Last On Cats?

Watching a cat on the herb known as catnip is truly an extraordinary sight. Picture your usually distant feline transforming into a joyful ball of fluff, rolling around and purring with mischievous behavior brought on by this enchanting relative of the mint family. Not all cats are affected by its mystical powers in the same way humans may react to coffee or other mystical herbs! Only about 50-70% of cats react to catnip, and older cats get less of a kick from it unfortunately!

If your cat is one of the majority, and get its kicks from catnip, you can expect them to have a euphoric buzz from the catnip for up to 10 minutes before the intense effect dies down. 

You can get the same reaction after a couple of hours once they have settled and their brains are ready for their next hit.

Fresh vs. Dried Catnip: Duration and Potency

Comparison of fresh and dried catnip

The dilemma of choosing between fresh and dried catnip is akin to deciding on a superhero or their trusty sidekick. Fresh catnip, being potent and fresh, can be compared to the former while its counterpart represents reliability and long-lasting effects.

Dried catnip can be a bit less potent but Cat Crack has a 70%+ potency making it one of the strongest available, but it does last longer than its fresher alternative which tends to lose potency faster.

To maintain its strength for both varieties, though, requires proper storage methods: an airtight container kept in cool and dark conditions will help preserve dried batches.

Fresh Catnip

Fresh catnip has a powerful effect on the feline world, much like espresso does in ours. It is known to enhance moods, reduce stress and even have some healing properties for our beloved cats.

Unfortunately, fresh catnip doesn’t last forever. Despite your best efforts at refrigeration, it will only maintain its potency for a few weeks. If forgotten and left behind like leftover lasagna in the fridge, it will lose its appeal over time. So make sure to store your fresh catnip correctly to keep entertaining your furry friend.

Dried Catnip

Dried catnip, like Cat Crack has shelf life ranges from six months to two years depending on storage and the strength of the plant. You can find the expiry date of your Cat Crack on the underside of the Cat Crack Cup.

Cat Crack has the added benefit that it is stored in temperature controlled environments, and is harvested in north america. It doesnt have to travel long distances like competitor brands and maintains its potency, which is why it is one of the highest potencies on the market.

Your Cat Crack or dried catnip will last longer depending on various different factors such as storage conditions.

Storage when you receive your Cat Crack

There are certain weaknesses for dried catnip if stored improperly or exposed for an extended period where essential oils evaporate causing loss of potency, and wont give you cat the signature cat crack hit they're used to!

For this reason, keeping it in a tight container like the one provided by Cat Crack and placed in cool and dark areas like a pantry or drawer will maintain its potency.

An airtight container is the purrfect solution for storing catnip as it prevents the valuable compound nepetalactone from dissipating and maintains its dryness, ensuring that it retains its potency and freshness. Even in an airtight container, catnip can lose its effectiveness if left too long without any air circulation or exposed to moisture.

For optimal freshness, remember to give it some breathing room occasionally and keep it away from damp environments.

Cool, Dark Places

To properly store catnip, it is important to keep it in a cool and dark location. Exposure to light and oxygen can diminish its potency, so ensuring that the environment remains dim will help preserve its effectiveness.

Humidity is also something to be aware of as it can cause the catnip to become damp and less potent or even grow mold, ew. It is recommended to use containers that are resistant to moisture like the one that is provided with Cat Crack when storing your catnip stash. Ensure that the herb is completely dry before putting it away for storage purposes.

Freezing vs. Refrigeration

Both freezing and refrigeration are effective ways to prolong the shelf life of your catnip. While freezing can preserve freshness for a longer period, it may also cause moisture buildup in the catnip.

On the other hand, storing fresh catnip in the refrigerator can maintain potency for a few weeks. It’s important to periodically expose it to air to prevent it from becoming soggy.

Whether you choose frozen or refrigerated storage for your catnip, proper handling is key in keeping its effectiveness intact for your beloved feline companion.

Recognizing When Catnip Has Lost Its Effectiveness

It is important to be aware of when your catnip stops being appealing to your cat in order to keep them engaged. 

So, how can you tell if it’s time for a refresh? The once strong and refreshing scent of the catnip will start fading into a dull grassy smell. If your cat begins showing less interest in playing with the toy containing the old nip, that is an indication that it has lost its potency. Remember, ensuring freshness is key when keeping your furry friend entertained with Cat Crack.

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