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Can you put Catnip in the litter box?

Placing catnip in litter box can be an effective way for some looking to make their litter boxes more appealing to their feline friends but will it work for your cat? We take a look into how catnip can influence your kittys litter box behavior and how it can be effective for your feline by offering practical advice for cat owners seeking solutions to their litter box problems!

What you should know about putting catnip in the litter box

  • Catnip can be a paw-some litter box lure for some cats, but for others, it might as well be chopped liver. Genes decide whether your furball will flip for it or just flip you off.
  • Feline Feng Shui 101: Quiet corners good, kitchen table vibes bad. Tailor that litter box size, keep it squeaky clean, and always monitor your feline’s feedback (that’s if they ever feel like giving you any)

Catnip and Litter Boxes

Ah, Cat Crack! This green delight, adored by many cats, can surprisingly help solve litter box problems. It may enhance your kitty’s confidence, encouraging them to confidently approach the litter box. Yet, akin to the unpredictability of your cat’s reaction to wearing a hat, the effects of catnip can also be erratic.

However, not all cats are drawn to catnip. Some may snub it and walk away, leaving you puzzled about your unsuccessful attempt to lure them to the litter box. The experience can be likened to trying to impress your feline friend with your work presentation - most cats, and even other cats, remain stoically unimpressed.

Unpredictable Reactions To The Litter Box

Here’s where things get interesting. Cats can have all sorts of reactions to catnip. Some might start rolling around, flipping over, or vocalizing their joy with meows and growls. It’s like watching a rave party in your living room - fun to watch, but a bit chaotic. And the effects don’t last forever. After about 10 minutes, your cat will likely lose interest and wander off, probably to nap somewhere inconvenient.

Catnips Ineffectiveness for Some Cats

To add to the catnip conundrum, not all cats are affected by it. The response to catnip is genetically determined, and some cats just don’t have the genetic makeup to be affected by it. It’s like being the only person at a party who can’t taste the flavor in a dish everyone else is raving about.

Kittens and young cats often don’t respond to catnip until they reach maturity, and some may even find the aroma unpleasant during their early development. So, if you’ve been sprinkling catnip in your kitten’s litter box and wondering why they’re not attracted to it, this might be why. It’s estimated that between 30-50 percent of cats may not show any response to catnip. So, while catnip can be a useful tool for some, it’s not a one-size-fits-all solution.

The flip side of this catnip-induced euphoria? Picture your cat, all excited due to catnip, attempting to use the litter box. Mishaps are likely to occur. This can be compared to attempting to text while on a roller coaster - not a wise decision.

Litter box Alternatives To Catnip

So, how do you respond when your cat snubs catnip? It’s the perfect opportunity to think outside the box! There are many strategies to make the litter box more appealing to your cat. And no, we’re not talking about installing a mini disco ball (though that would be entertaining).

From natural herbs to commercial products, there’s a ton of options to consider. It can be akin to finding the perfect perfume - some trial and error may be needed before discovering the one that gets you the purrs of approval from your feline friend. But don’t worry, we’re here to guide you through it, including finding options at pet stores.

Herbal Solutions

Let’s start with the natural route: herbs. No, we’re not suggesting you start a herb garden in your living room (though that could be fun), you could even start growing your catnip indoors! But certain herbs, like dried lemongrass and skullcap, can be used as natural litter box attractants. These herbs are safe for cats and can be an inexpensive way to make the litter box more appealing. 

Pet Shop Litter Box Attractants

If you’re not into the DIY thing, don’t worry (this little kitty doesnt have the paws for it either!) There are products you'll find in your local pet store, pet isle at the grocery store designed to attract cats to the litter box. One notable product is Dr. Elsey’s Cat Attract Litter is designed to attract cats to use the litter box and is effective in preventing accidents outside the box. Its amazing for for owners dealing with litter box issues. This product uses a natural herbal attractant to encourage litter box use.

What’s wonderful about these products is their feline-focused design. The herbal scent is crafted to mimic the outdoor environments appealing to cats, and the texture is meant to be enjoyable for them. Its like bringing a small peice of the great outdoors right into their litter box. And who doesn't want to take a poop in the great outdoors?

Feline Feng Shui: Setting up your litter box for success

Having checked out some of the attractants, lets take a look at the litter box. The arrangement can influence whether your cat chooses to use it. It’s like setting up a netflix and chill night - its all about the ambiance.

From the placement to the quantity of boxes, and the size and style, every aspect carries weight to your fussy felines decision to use the litter box. It can be compared to designing a cat-friendly spa - you aim to ensure everything is precisely to their liking. After all they do deserve the best!

Location Matters

First things first, location, location, location! Where you place the litter box, or litter tray as some may call it, can make a world of difference. Cats prefer quiet, not so busy areas where they can do their business in peace. Think of it like your own bathroom preferences - you wouldn’t want to use a restroom in the middle of a busy hallway, would you?

But don’t hide the litter box away in a far-off corner either. Cats need to be able to find it easily, remember it as they pass by especially if you have a new kitten or an older cat. And remember, keep the litter box away from their food and water bowls. Cats have an aversion to eating near where they eliminate. You don't poop where you eat! It’s like having your dining table in the bathroom - not very appetizing!

Multiple Litter Boxes

For those of you with multiple cats, you’ll need multiple litter boxes. In fact, it’s recommended to have one more litter box than the number of cats. It’s like having multiple bathrooms in a house - it helps prevent territorial disputes and minimizes the likelihood of accidents elsewhere around the house

Remember to put the litter boxes throughout the home and not cluster them all in one area, especially if you have female cats. Cats see them as one if they’re too close together. It’s like having two toilets in the same bathroom and you're forced to do your business with other people there, not ideal!

Size and Style

Finally, let’s talk about the size and style of the litter box. The box should be at least as long as the cat from nose to the tip of their tail, and as wide as the cat’s length without the tail extended. It’s like picking out a new pair of shoes - it needs to be the right size to be comfortable.

And when it comes to style, it’s all about your cat’s preferences. Some cats prefer open boxes, while others like covered ones. And remember to consider your cat’s age and mobility. Older cats or those with mobility issues might need a litter box with a low entry point.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you put catnip in the litter box?

No, it's not recommended to put catnip directly in the litter box. Instead, sprinkle some near the litter box to create a positive association with the area. Remember, litter box training involves multiple steps, so be patient and observant.

What can I put in litter box to attract cats?

To attract your kitty to the litter box, you can use their own scent or try a cat litter attractant like Fresh Step or Dr. Elsey's Ultra Litter Attractant. It's like casting a spell to lure them to the loo!

Does catnip stop cats peeing?

Catnip might help your cat chill out and maybe even stop them from using your favorite carpet as a toilet. But remember, it's not a magic fix, so don't go sprinkling catnip everywhere and expecting miracles.

Can all cats be attracted to the litter box with catnip?

Sorry to burst your bubble, but not all cats are down for the catnip party. Genetic lottery dictates that about 30-50% of cats will just shrug off the catnip's allure. So, don't be surprised if your feline friend isn't feeling it.

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